Cexys.com: design your page, learn CSS, easy and inexpensive

Author Anja Beisel, Last modified 07/05/2018

You want to build a website or web application but your technical skills are not that great?

You discovered that the development of an app can be painfully expensive? See e.g.

You tried a site builder already, promising to you that you can create a website without any programming skills? You found out that you can select a template and change the images, but it didn't look and feel as you wished and from here it got really hard to change your page or app? You spend a lot of time, but it just didn't have the wished result, didn't have the looks and behavior and nothing learned about web development for your next web project?

You already asked a developer who offered for a fixed price like some thousand pounds? The page or app looked good, just not on all devices and the gallery in the shop just didn't rotate around your sales items, though you spend a lot on the images in advance? The developer got a bit upset, then, that it takes so long to finish the out-of-the-box product, there were further invoices or the page just never developed towards the initial idea?

We have another approach for you.

You develop the visible part of the page yourself with the help of our UX/design/layout/CSS machine: Cexys.com

You will learn a lot about CSS while you work on your design, though Cexys.com does most of the work for you. 

Within Cexys you can set up yourself the HTML and CSS, the UX of your page or app, in the most sophisticated ways, if you're willing to learn the basics of CSS with the help of the Cexys tutorials.

Or you can let us set up your design within Cexys for a fixed price that is 10% of the market standard, depending on the complexity of your page. It will have at the end of the development process the look and feel, that was agreed in advance, on all devices. 

Your layout is saved within Cexys and is there always available for you for changes. 

You can export the HTML and CSS as plain code and give it to any developer to add function to your page. Or you give it to us to develop the functions under the hood. We guarantee an exceptional price if you choose the package Cexy layout + web development.

This page is in development. Cexys.com is in development. But both are getting there.

For a start please contact us via email: ab@sinfomania.com